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Kerry Delk Ph.D.

Newport Psychology Group is a group practice that Dr. Delk organized in 1991 to provide focused and evidence based treatments in behavioral health for the emotional, cognitive, and physical problems that arise from chronic stress.  Often referred to as mind-body issues, they are often difficult to treat with traditional physical medicine.  He has worked closely with area physicians to apply psychological and behavioral treatments to sleep disorders, chronic pain, disease management, coping with illness and end of life issues.  He has worked closely with physicians and medical teams within Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and Greater Newport Physicians. 

Dr. Delk originally began his career as a Clinical Social Worker after receiving his Masters degree from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University, St. Louis.  He specialized in working with families coping with chronic or life threatening illness.  Through his collaboration with other professionals he became interested in the benefits of biofeedback, hypnosis and cognitive therapy.  He returned to school to take a Ph.D. in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology-San Diego specializing in the emerging field of Health Psychology.  He completed his post-doctoral fellowship in 1990 at Children's Hospital of Orange County where he completed independant research in applying biofeedback technology to children and young adults with cystic fibrosis.  

IN 1992 Dr. Delk became interested in the application of psychological approaches to the development of people and groups in family business.  He began independant training in "Executive Coaching"  and began providing services under the name Newport Management Consulting in 1994.  He has provided consulting services, training and development and coaching to a variety of family business and other organizations.  In 1998 he became a trainer for the Institute for Healthcare Communications and partnered with Greater Newport Physicians to develop a training and coaching program for physicians and medical staff to improve healthcare outcomes and patient-clinician satisfaction.  

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